An Ordinary Little Big Girl: Part 1

Ordinary Little Big Girl

I’m an ordinary little old school girl, sometimes, and then not

I don’t have the latest camera app on my phone

I’m not a filters guru

I don’t have a signature wardrobe

No, I wear whatever feels right for that day

I haven’t watched the latest movie, or heard the latest pop tune

But I’ve read Stephanie Meyer’s latest Twilight book

I enjoy warm days in bed with a book in my hand

I love to be cuddled in the thrills of 18th century English Romance

No, I don’t know who the latest Lil rapper is

But I am familiar with Jamie Fraser, Heathcliff, and Mr. Darcy

I’m more than familiar with Christian Grey

I listen to the Beetles; I glow up at the sound of Darlin’ by the Beach Boys

I pray in the morning and before I go to bed

The sound of a choir calms my soul

I say thank you, please, and sorry

I smile at strangers and old people; I see their stories; stories I will never know

I don’t have a single best friend; I have many; all of whom I love

I write in my diary every day; she is one of my best friends

I hate and I fail to forgive

I have my go-to sitcoms; I watch them over and over again; and I laugh every time

I have a forehead I would rather hide

But that’s not why I have a collection of Nike hats, not entirely,

I like lonely walks, time with myself

When I walk in town, my playlist plays in my ears

I like to live alone and drink my coffee in bed

In a party, I am tethered to the corner with the dimmest lighting and least noise

And I like it like that

I enjoy easy conversations with the people I love

I am fascinated by the galaxy, death, and all things undiscovered

I love the smell of old books, I could live in a library

I love the smell of tobacco on my uncle’s shirts

I love family, the ones I choose, and the ones who choose me

I love genuine laughter, untampered, mouths uncovered

I love money, and the security it offers

I love honesty, in who you are, what you are

I have terrible handwriting, but I love the feel of a pen in my hands

I love the hair on my legs and the stubborn set of my chin

My head nods to the sound of country music, my shoulders might even sway

But I have two left feet

I can’t draw to save my life, but I doodle on the margins of my books

I am perfectly stable on my feet, haven’t fallen since I was a child

My throat closes when I enter small spaces, or even think of them

But I love the mystery caves hold

I love boots and a short dress

Then I love long black coats and more boots, I guess I do have a signature shoe

I love dark, subtle colors, on my hair, body, and nails

I love the challenge of poetry and the beauty of prose

I am an ordinary little girl, sometimes, and then not

Featured Image by Eleatell from Pixabay

2 thoughts on “An Ordinary Little Big Girl: Part 1

  1. The biography in itself gives me the sense of a girl with different personalities bt most of all an introverted person. PERFECT FLOW.


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