About Me

Hi. I am Cynthia Njoki. You can call me Chie (pronounced like Chief without the ‘f’). Like me, my surname Njoki is of African descent. It is a girl’s name common among the Agikuyu people of Kenya and means ‘she who returned’ or ‘reincarnated.’

While I find this interesting, it is by far not the most interesting thing about me. I am also:

A writer

Way before I knew what blogging was, I was writing pieces my English teachers called ‘beyond my age.’ I think they were tooting my horn, but I did enjoy writing. Always have.

My first best piece (according to me) was a biography I wrote about Professor Wangari Muta Maathai. She’s an icon and the first African woman to win a Nobel. I’ll tell you more about her later.

But yeah, I love writing. It is how I express myself best. When I write, I feel powerful, invisible, and part of something bigger. Of course, it could just be the coffee.

A 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering Student

I love Math. Physics? Well, Physics and I share a love-hate relationship. I love Mechanics and Light. I loathe Electricity and Magnetism. I could never figure out why anyone would want to study something they can’t see.

Have I always wanted to be an engineer? Not really. But that’s a story for another day.

A Feminist

Bet you saw this one coming. Yes, I am a feminist. Why? I hate Hate. I am incensed by any system that discriminates against or tries to diminish any member of society. I stand on the belief that everyone deserves equal treatment. My passions lay in championing the rights of women, men, children, the disabled, the mentally ill, and the LGBTQIA community.

A Mental Health Activist

When my friend told me he had Narcolepsy, I had to google it to grasp half of what he was saying. Over time, I realized that many people, like me back then, were in the dark about mental health.  A good day is one where I can reach even one of those people.

A Bookworm

I can’t stand school, but I love reading. If I could, I would live in the biggest library in the world. (Where is that, by the way?) I don’t read everything, though. I am partial to English Historical Romance, Greek Mythology, Paranormal Fiction, and some Chick Lit here and there.

A Big Bang Theory Addict

Not the origin of the earth Big Bang Theory, the sitcom. I’ve watched it more times than I can admit without flushing red (though that’s hardly possible with my brown skin). I wager I can also recite the lines from Hot in Cleveland better than Joy, Elka, Victoria, and Melanie.

A Rebel

Well, not really. I do question virtually everything, but that’s because most of it doesn’t make sense.


A sucker for the English Accent

Everything English, really.

A Raw rice eater

It’s not really a thing—just a bad habit.

An introvert.

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