About the Chie Space

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Hello! Welcome to The Chie Space. Hope you enjoy browsing around. Hope you find joy, laughter, peace, and love.

The Chie Space is a blog, of course. But it is also a home. It encompasses the things I love, hope for, and believe in. Sometimes, it bears my love and hate, joy and pain, faith and misery. It is where I can be myself. And where people like me can too.

In between the pages of The Chie Space, you will find:


This is a collection of thought pieces on matters mental health, relationships, religion, feminism, science, and history. If I think it, I write it.

The Loud Introvert

Are you an introvert? Do you have an introverted girlfriend, mother, or cat? Then you must know how loveable and misunderstood these precious creatures are. Take a peek into the introvert perspective!

Journey to 22

JTT, as I like to call it, is a series of stories about a 20-year-old girl with 50 years’ worth of baggage. Every week she lets us into her chaotic world to see the scars that lie within. In JTT, you will meet people like Kyle, her possessive, emotionally abusive, hunk of a boyfriend. And Royal, the man she loves but can’t have. Oh and, Jay, the man she should love.


Is just what it sounds like. A collection of sad, happy, sappy, cheesy, revolutionary poems.

About You

I know you like reading. Otherwise, why would you be here? But I’d like to know more. So please email me at chieapha31@gmail.com. Let us peek into each other’s crazy worlds!

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