Tales of Africa: Between Her Legs

Image by Jackson David from Pixabay

When you spread your legs

Men sing mighty ballads

Then fumble with words

They compose great shairis*

And whimper like babes

All at once

When you spread your legs

Men make promises

Promises they will never keep

And some they will kill to fulfill

They lose and win

All in one breath

What secrets do you hide there?

Is it a beautiful, crafted clay pot?

Or a fierce, sharpened arrow?

Why will no man tell of what they have seen?

They go in and come out


And crying

Cursing you and singing your praise

All at once

Men say that within the warmth of your folds lies great treasure

And bitter poison

That you are sweet as the yellow bee honey

And venomous as the desert snake

From your sweet, dark cave, you bring forth

Kings and scribes

Mighty leaders and their servants

Good and bad

Hail and Heat

You are the mother of fire and ice

What will we find there, oh, woman?

If we look

Are you warm and cozy?

Strong and sturdy

Or somehow both

Do you wield it as a weapon?

Or wear it as jewelry.

Or both.

If we kneel at your feet, will you tell us? Oh mighty woman

Or will you forever silence us?

Tell us this

Why do you hide it from the sun?

And flaunt it at the stars

Is it a creature of the night?

Like the bat? The jaguar? The owl?

We would ask the men who go in

But they say no words have been invented to describe the glory of your




Gentle love

But this we know

What lies between your legs

Is yours

To flaunt and find pride in

To give

Or not to give

However you wish

Whenever you wish it

Because way above that cave of treasures

Is what lies between your ears

Your crown, oh wise African woman!

The source of all your glory

The strength of your gentle love

Image by Jackson David from Pixabay

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