Unlikely Lovers

Found this poem gathering dust in my journal, dated November 4th, 2018. Can’t remember what the inspiration was, but I hope y’all like it.

The uncertainty.

The silence.

The risk.

The promise of danger.

The questions we cannot answer.

The truth of our differences.

You, in your corner of the world, me in mine.

The unspoken divide between us.

I see you see me,

Because glimpse at each other, is all the world will allow us.

But I want to touch you,

Place a feeling to the face I have come to know so well

Why are we so different?

Yet so attuned to each other’s flaws?

When a tune plays, a tune that only our hearts can hear,

We dance to it

The world and all its rules slip away

It is just you and me – even if just for a moment

You my gently one, are gasoline

Red and flammable

And I, am the match that could put you to flames

But I would, if you asked

I would go up in glorious flames for you

Burn with your passion – even if just for a moment

You and me, we are not they stories told by the fireside

We are the books hidden at the bottom of sock drawers

Only taken out at night, to warn young girls not to walk alone

Young boys not to believe the charms of women

Our cards have been set

There is no move where we win

But I will risk it all

To hold you, and dance with you

Even if the villagers will burn us alive

If I could just love you, I would – even if just for a moment.

Image by Comfreak from Pixabay

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