An Ode to My Mother: Happy 50th Birthday!

As you turn 50 my warrior queen,

I am more than honored to have you in my life.

You are my light and my path

The only way home that I know.

You are beyond and above, the callings of a mother;

You are a protector, defender, comforter, friend, compass, and role model.

It may sound cliché to say I’d be lost without you

But you are my beacon is a sea of fog

A warm patch of land in a snowstorm

An oasis in the far reaches of the Sahara

But beyond being my mother, you are a first a woman

A woman of steel, pure refined gold

You face battles head-on, walk through blizzards, and come out smiling on the other side

Your smile! Oh your smile!

Never fading, like rays of sunshine on a cloudless day.

You, my mother, are a phoenix

Rising from the ashes to grace the skies with your evergreen beauty

You have taught me strength






You are all I know, and all I ever want to be.

As you celebrate this special day, I rejoice with a song of my own

For you are the greatest gift ever given to man

Crafted in the very hands of God, and put on earth

Like an Angel among men


I love you.

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